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A Choice with No Regrets AU Ch. 3
Levi x Reader

When I woke up the next morning, I didn't feel much worry as before, but rather I felt a

compelling anticipation that I should accept the fate that I am about to encounter. Getting up from

bed wasn't much of a struggle, however, this morning wasn't the same. My mom more food than normal which

left me wondering.

"Mom, what's with the huge breakfast??" I asked bewildered. My mother started to tear up a bit.

"oh sweetie, it's just you'll be gone for a while and we don't even know when you'll be back..." she wiped

a tear away as you tried to comfort her.

"Mom it's alright. I can handle it, I'm a big girl now, I need to leave the nest someday don't I??" held her.

"I know, but you're our only baby and I don't want to see you go just yet..." she sobbed a little harder.

"Mom, really I'll be alright. It's not something dangerous really..." you mentally cringed at the fact that you

had to lie to your mother about the circumstance that you're in, but it was for the best. Breakfast was delicious, AJ,

flapjacks with syrup, bacon and eggs, cereal, now that's what a heavy breakfast really was.


You were on your way to school. No luggage or anything on hand but your usual school attire. They told you not to bring

anything inconspicious so that's all you really needed. Along the way you met up with Armin, Eren, and Mikasa. It seemed just like

any other ordinary school day, but you still knew deep within your gut that you had a mission to fulfill.

As the four of you entered school, it seemed real quiet so all of you assumed to go to your classroom until...

*pouncegreet!!!* you find yourself on the ground and met the eyes of the same woman you sort of met yesterday.

"AHA!! There you are!!" she was already eccentric in the morning. You still felt disoriented from that pounce greet she just


"I'm sorry, but I didn't get your name from yesterday?" you choked under your breath as her weight was on you.

"Oh! Where are my manners? Here let me help you up" she held a hand out as you picked yourself up, dusting your uniform of any

dust and dirt.

"I'm Ms. Hanji Zoe, I'm one of commander Erwin's second in command woman. I've been looking all over for all of you! Especially

you [name]!" she cheerfuly exclaimed. A taller man approached her and started to sniff me from different angles.

"asdfghjkl;asdfj;!" I spoke incoherently. The tall-ass man simply smirked at me after taking in my scent.

"Mike, where are your manners! That's no way to treat people you've just met!" she scolded him as he simply did not answer back.

"I'm sorry about that, this is Mike Zakarius, he's Erwin's second in command wing man, technically we're both but yeah, you get

the idea" she scratched her head in embarrasment.

"Now come along, there is not a moment to waste!!" she grabbed my hand as she sprinted across the hall. Who is this strange woman

anyway?!? Mikasa, Eren, and Armin, struggled to keep up as Hanji made erratic turns across the hallway until we reached the principal's office

where we met yesterday.

It was dark inside, the blinds were closed and shut by curtains. A bunch of other soldiers locked the doors and basically guarded the doors. I'm pretty sure they chose

this room due to the fact that it was sound-proof and far away from the normal school halls. The commander lit up a lamp that revealed how the whole

room was rearranged to a bigger space with a large table enough to accommodate the seven of us.

"Please, take a seat, we must not delay" he sternly said as I took a seat next to Mikasa, whom both of us faced the commander.

It was a thorough five minutes of silence or so as the commander gathered his thoughts. Eren decided to speak up.

"So, uh, aren't we going to discuss the mission??" he nervously asked. The commander didn't flinch, rather he look at the four of us with a piercing gaze and stood


"Yes, the mission. As you four well know that this is a top secret operation that will take action a soon as possible, correct?"

"Yes sir!" we said in unison.

"The mission is called, 'Long Distance Survey Operation'. In other words, your mission will not take place here in the United States, but in a distant

far land.

"Wait what!? You never said anything about moving out of the country!" Eren squealed.

"In the land of the rising sun..." Mikasa and I both stared at each other in shock.

"You- you don't mean?" a sweat drop fell on her cheek.

"Yes, that's right; Japan" we all felt like the temperature in the room dropped.

"But, but isn't that on enemy territory though?!" Armin stuttered.

"That's exactly what we are planning" the commander said. I sucked in as much air as I can to prevent myself from having a panic attack.

"How will the plan go about sir?" I asked without fear hidden within my words. He simply smiled at me as he seemed impressed at my courage.

"Well, you see, this mission will mainly focus on the two of you, Ms. Ackerman and Ms. [surname]" Mikasa and I looked at each other. Was it because we were both of

oriental origins??

"You don't mean that the two of us will be..." Mikasa paused for a while.

"You two will be working undercover for the whole mission." I thought so... but what kind of 'undercover'?

"Exactly, how will we carry on about this?" I asked.

"You two will act as Geishas at an Okiya house, while working undercover as spies" I can feel the air tighten between the three of us.

"But- but doesn't that take years of training!? And besides, Mikasa and I aren't fluent in Japanese!" We were already overwhelmed with our priorities.

"That is why you two are on your way to Kyoto, starting tomorrow." he continued to throw us more surprising things.

"But, how will we learn everything we need to blend in? What if people suspect that we're foreigners?!" Worry fizzled in my throat.

"We have already prepared everything there is for the two of you. Your training ang language lessons will be in a course of six months. It will be intensive, but I didn't choose

just anyone for this mission. Clearly you two have demonstrated enough potential for these positions. Also, your mentor and escorts are Japanese women of origin, however, they too work for

us now. Their names are Yuki Chiba, and Shiori Sugawara. Your mentor will be a retired geisha named, Natsuki Kumagawa. The name of the Okiya house is the Kumagawa house, also known as the 'Golden Petal'.

Which also means that that will be your surnames from now on."

"So, you mean to tell us that we must go through all this training to become geishas at the same time while concealing our identities by taking up the name 'Kumagawa' right?" Mikasa asked.

"Precisely, but that is only part of your mission" he continued on.

"Your real mission is to spy on a certain person" Hanji came up to Erwin's side and gave him a folder filled with what seemed like files. He placed the folder on the table as he revealed photos

of a man.

"Who's this?" Eren asked.

"This, is who Mikasa and [name] will be spying on. Or should I say, 'Misaki' and 'Maya' Kumagawa" we were a bit puzzled by what he just said.

"Excuse me?" I asked him.

"Those will be your undercover names. Mikasa, codename 'Misaki', and you, [name] codename, 'Maya'" I see now, it's all coming clear...

"So, exactly who is this man we have to watch?" I asked without feeling any fear at all. Erwin paused for a while and inhaled deeply.

"This, is none other than one of Adolf Hitler's highest ranking officers. Levi Ackerman" the thought of him saying 'Hitler' and 'High ranking officer' was enough to make us all shudder.

"He is the Führer's most trusted officer in charge of the Nazi party. Getting close to him will determine the faith of the war in European side of the Axis powers. It is up to one of you two to make him fall for one of you

and take advantage of that opportunity to find out more about Hitler's future plans. And you two will achieve that by become the most famous Geisha in Kyoto and by attracting him that way."

"One question sir..." Armin asked.

"Why Japan exactly? Why not Germany, or elsewhere?" he had a point, why?

"Levi is not only the head of the Nazi party led by the Führer himself, he is also the representative of Germany for Japan. There is this event called an 'Axis summit' where officials of the main powers of the war, Germany, Italy, Japan,

Great Britain, France, Russia, China, and of course, the United States of America will interact in neutrality."

"Neutrality?" Eren asked.

"Yes Neutrality, by doing so, the officials can establish formal relations with one another without hostility." Kind of an ironic thing for a war but he's technically right. Wars don't just happen, they are planned by officials and formally


"Okay, recap here, so, become a famous Geisha, make that man fall in love with one of us, then take advantage of his feelings so that we can find out more about their plans so that we can win the war?" I nonchalantly asked.

"You're a sharp one [name], or should I say, 'Maya'" he smirked at me as I simply closed my eyes. This was a challenge, but I know that we can do this. For the glory of the American people.

The thought of making a man fall in love with me to take advantage of his feelings huh? Sounds a bit harsh but that guy doesn't exactly sound like the nicest person either.

"What about Eren and Armin?" Mikasa asked.

"They'll work with us however, nothing too risky as the two of you but surely still important." he reassured us.

"Remember, starting from tomorrow your departure for Kyoto will be at 8:30 am. When you arrive you will be greeted by Ms. Chiba and Ms. Sugawara, they'll take good care of the two of you. This is all part of the Long Distance Survey Operation.

The faith of this war rests in your shoulders...


The four of us stayed the night at school since we leave tomorrow. The three are already asleep, except for me. There were so many things rushing through my thoughts in the dead of night. I decided to get up and go out to get some air to clear

my head. I sat outside by the balcony in the second floor as I admired the full moon. The cold December air didn't bother me at all. It distracted me from all the things that was coming ahead. There was a flurry of snow that came about, but all else was

peaceful. The ice piercing my warm skin... the cold never bothered me anyway... (Frozen pun) I heard a footstep behind me and noticed that it was the commander.

"[name]? What are you doing out in the cold?" he sounded worried.

"I just couldn't sleep. There's too much in my head right now..." I stoicly answered him as he approached me and stood next to me as he too watched the moon.

"I'm sorry that I caused such a heavy burden for you and your friends, but this is the only way that we can have an advantage over the Axis powers. Besides, I always knew you were capable of great things [name]..." he looked deep into my eyes, the light

that the moon reflected made his eyes look as if they were glowing crystals from another world. I don't know why I always get lost in his eyes.

"Oh, yeah, commander?" I asked.

"Please, call me Erwin" he smiled at me.

"Okay, Erwin... why did you choose the name 'Maya' as my codename? I mean it's understandable that Mikasa gets the name 'Misaki' since it's close to her name but why 'Maya'?" I was so curious as to why that was my given alias.

"Maya... I gave you that name because your job is to go undercover. You must pretend to be someone else but at the same time by doing so, your real identity will be concealed. Maya, that name means 'illusion' in Sankrit. In other words, 'Maya Kumagawa' is

the illusion that you will become throughout your mission. By doing so, we can surely win this war." And then I saw a shine in his eyes that felt like hope... hope that there are great things to come... but at the same time, the journey is not always a smooth road.
This was long but worth it! I tagged some of you just for fun. Also here are some fun facts regarding some characters.

"Yuki Chiba" and "Shiori Sugawara" are real people. Yup:iconbigheplz: they're Japanese students that I hosted. Well, I hosted Yuki, and Shiori hosted me when I was in Japan. So they're my host families. Also, the name 'Kumagawa' came from another Japanese girl I hosted named Natsuki :iconeweplz: Levi doesn't have much of a back story but only time will tell!!! I chose my name to be your codename just for fun :iconswagplz: also it meant "illusion" in Sanskrit so it was perfect. But your name will still be your official name. This is just your spy name. Looks like you have a huge mission to carry out, can you handle it??? More in the next chapter!!

This shit belongs to Isayama Hajime

I don't technically own anything but the story. The real people themselves belong to themselves.

Levi however....
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